and Joon goes.. GASP! hahaha!

iffah treated zahr and i to AVATAR MOVIE AND LUNCH AT PIZZA HUT! kamsahamidahhhhhhhhhhh! and now i can’t wait for the other avatar! though the actors are like… yah, so, yah. haha. i believe aang can save the world! HAHAH. my PRINCE ZUKO!

we really needed today. though there weren’t that much of catching up, spending time with them just makes me feel so happy. now, my life is colourful again. wait, not so. i still haven’t meet lucy. we really need a lot of catching up. i mean A LOT! haha. and syaza, and farhan.

thank god abs reminded me to send my lesson plan to Dr Loh. and i just did. thinking of Dr Loh’s face, and balding head, makes me really nervous and scared. i hope she gives me good comments for this lesson plan! i really thought about the performing arts part more than the creativity part! pleaseeeeeeee…

for the implementation, i am so not ready even though it’ll be next year. and i have 7  musical instruments to buy! SEVEN! i’ll be broke man.

I RECEIVED ANOTHER CHRISTMAS CARD TODAY! FROM ALIDA! YAY! now i am feeling that christmas feel! not saying i celebrate christmas, just the vibe uh. haha. and lucy just told me that she’s gonna make a christmas card for me also! oh my, i feel so blessed with such great friends! alhamdulillah!

p.s: i want to get an ipod touch too! (AYAH! WHERE’S MY $600?!)

p.p.s: i really don’t know what’s gonna happen to us now.


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