Min Ho! i swear he’s the sweetest and most mature in SHINee (: haha

next year in January, it’s gonna be another boy’s feast for fan girls! hahaa. C.N BLUE, F.CUZ & CHILD OF EMPIRE are gonna debut IN JANUARY! HOW AWESOME CAN IT GET?! haha. more collection. HAHHA! okay, pervert.

so.. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! yah. i am stuck at home today. haha. have to help nenek to prepare for tmr’s kenduri. i cannot wait! yay! haha.

AND TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!! MUSIC BANK SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCE! BEAST + MBLAQ! really cannot wait for it! haha. something to cheer on today while other people are having tremendous fun. haha. also SHINee + SNSD(ewww) +f(x) will also perform together. okay i’m not that sure, but yah. who cares about SNSD? haha.

totally can’t wait! 5:30PM! haha. MUSIC BANK! and what happened to SHU-I? i swear that group has the most disgusting group name! don’t get me started. haha.

omg, everything is so wrong. VERY WRONG! what have i done? idk why i am regretting everything. i regret. i feel so guilty. why do i have such a weak heart?! aiyooooh. what do i do now? i didn’t mean to hurt people. really! i thought people moved on! how would i know this would happen? oh my oh my oh my! can i reverse everything? i’m all messed up now. i want to clear things out, think things through. omg. seriously, what have i done? dammit. now, i’ve lost. i’d do anything to turn back time ): kill me! why am i so unlucky? (okay i am a bit lucky, heh, the FREE TIX!) aiyooooh. i regret lah, regret ):


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