yeah, the title’s cheesy! hahaa.

swimming with KMG was awesome! hahaa. i love the part when we played the ‘2d1n’ and ‘2pm’ game. haha! idk the real name so.. yah. haha. and go to kylieor alida’s blog to see what happened! haha. i lazy blog. haha.

will be going to lucy’s tmr! and probably cutting hair too. PROBABLY! haha. and just now when i reached home, it was just nice 11.20 and Roundtable Plus was airing! hahaha. i likee! there’s SHINee and SNSD(ewww). and MIN HO AEGYO-ED! DAMN CUTE!! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW! WATCH TILL THE END! THE END THE CUTEST!! esp @ 0:35!

Min Ho is one of a kind, seriously! ahha


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