i finally met lucy today but then her stupid brother shooed me out, so headed down to TP to meet iffah and zahr. and most of the time i was damn sleepy! haha. and lucy gave me a whole plastic bag full of chocolates and a christmas card AND a souvenir from Hong Kong! hhaha. okay, now i have all my christmas cards! haha. time to showcase them! haha.

all four christmas cards! yes, first time i receive christmas cards! haha.

very first christmas card from ABITAL ANG MIN HUI! haah. and the Seoul’d Out tix was an advanced christmas gift!

KYLIE TAN’s card! haha. second! but she clearly wrote in the card not to count abs’s card! haha! plus she gave me a key chain! haha.

ALIDA’s the third! haha. she put MRS CHOI! I LIKE! ahha.

lastly, from JOCELYN TOH GINA LUCY! HAHAHHA! she wrote HEO YOUNG SAENG! HAHAHA! plus the cute pooh toy! ^^

thank you guys! haha. alrighty! gonna be 8.55 soon! SBS GAYO DAEJUN! WOOOHOOOOOOO! gonna tweet like mad! ahaha.


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