look at that cute teeth of his! hahaha!

i just looked through the LA assignment descriptor. and wow! THERE’S SO MANY THINGS TO DO. wai fun really had her revenge man. hahaha!

and guess what guess what?! FULL HOUSE IS ON KBS RIGHT NOW! RIGHT NOW!! haha.

Full House was the first kdrama i watched in sec three, thanks to mel and boey. it was the start of everything. haha. and talk about mel and boey, i dreamt that they were in talking terms already. haha.

Lesson Plans have to be in by 12 tmr. damn pathetic. 12, bloody hell. i’m gonna reach there at 11.59am! who wants me to help them hand in? abs, vaness, kylie, whoever. send me by tonight okay! and i am only going to help those who live in the east/north. HAH!!

i am as confused as you are. isn’t it time to spill it out?

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