seriously, i want school to faster start! HAHAH! the more i stay at home, the more i indulge in korean the crazier i’ll get and the more unrealistic i will be! ahha. i bet when i go out tmr, i’ll see more of ‘EUN HYUK’! AHAHA!

will be going to kylie’s house tmr with daniella. hahah. i’ve been to abs’s, daniella’s, grace’s, hin ann’s and soon, kylie’s! haha. okay, fine, no big deal. haha.

and and i am going crazy! SERIOUSLY CRAZY! i can’t stop thinking about it! that’s why i want school to start! my mind will wander like mad if school starts later! URGHHHHHH!

but then again, i don’t wanna wake up at 6:30 am EVERY SINGLE DAY! tsk!

imysm! i really want to bump into again! you’re not even online most of the time ):

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