JINWOON! he looks like someone, i can’t recall who!

WHAT A DAY! really, wow. haha.

today was a long day for me. haha. meeting chee chun in the morning, then iffah and zahr. then, did work with kylie and daniella, well online. BUT THAT WRITE UP WAS ENOUGH TO BURST MY BRAIN CELLS!

i wanna start on LA now, but i think, i’ll overwork my brain! HAHA. excuses! haha. start tmr lah, slow and steady. besides submission is mid jan, should be okay. am i procrastinating?! NOOOO! haha.

for now, i wanna say this, I AM SICK OF YOUTUBE! hahah! seriously. i don’t wanna watch anymore korean videos, for now. ahhaha! i watch it until whatever’s funny, isn’t funny anymore. ahah.

now, time to catch up on gossip girl and heroes. i have damn a lot to catch up for heroes! anyone has got the series or what? please kindly contact me okay! ahha.



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