this is the nicest jumpshot we have! but i love you guys. NAIFAZAFIQIWEE! we need to meet soon, all together! but i’m like asking for the impossible! tsk.

don’t bother the previous post, the feeling’s slowing disappearing. ahha. idk why i feel so many things lah. stupid. i wanna forget everything. ERASE! DELETE!! ahha. maybe because i was too confused? or maybe pre-pms. haha. whatever lah. i’ll be okay once i watch something that can make me laugh. haha. SUJU’S EXPLORE HUMAN BODY!! ahha!

met weetingtong & zahr ytd after school. but zahr left half way and she looked shagged uh. ahha. so i spent sometime with weeting @ starbucks till 9.30 and walked home tgt with her. idk why, there’s like so many things to tell her! haha, maybe cos we don’t meet often. haha!

and then, today, met farhan, LIKE FINALLY! haha. and i swear whenever, i meet him i tend to think a lot about life. IDK WHY! really bugging me! ahhaha. it was a great catch up. we were supposed to meet syaza after dinner @ food culture but then syaza was sleepy -.- HAHAH.

meet me sat/sun okay syaza. there’s something you reallllllly need to know. hahaha!

and tmr, after Play project, I WANNA GO HOME STRAIGHT!! no more going out lah, so sleeepy.

p.s: DAMMIT! THERE’S SPARRING TMR! I WANNA GO I WANNA GO! I WANNA FIGHT! but i cannot goooooooo ): i hope thursday still have also! i wanna kick her ass! HAHAHAH!


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