WOW! see you next week!

today was another great day!

i managed to know something that i badly wanted to know since last year. and today, i found out about it. what can i say, i am lucky! and happy too! but i believe life has it’s game so, i won’t be lucky anymore. so i think, for now, i’ll stop here. i knew what i wanted to know all along, and that’s enough. so yah, alhamdulillah (: but cannot deny i’m still excited about it! ahhaha! WOOOHOOOO!

and i received my 5 Men’s 5 Years today! yay! finally! but i am not going to open it. not until everything is over. haha. see, i have discipline. haha. three more weeks. just three more weeks!

and to the person who pinched my poster, the one and only brainless creature, VALERIE TAN YAN TING! HOW DARE YOU! this is for you!

take that! HAHAHAHA!

and for your punishment, you  need to find me a boyf! he must start with an E and end with a T. he must be in a Health Science course and must look like my young saeng! HAHAHA! deadline before holidays. so i can spend my holidays with him. HAHAHAH!


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