today was a day full of reflection(s). things changed, people changed, i changed. let’s all reflect on ourselves. everyone changed. i don’t want to get too caught up. i am thankful that i’ve realised it earlier.

had a rather eye opening talk with lycia today. i was too engrossed about now, that i forgot about all the fun times i used to have with them. after this week, we shall get that fun back.

i have learnt a lot today. and i miss jocelyn and melissa and syaza so much ): i haven’t see them ever since last year?


2 thoughts on “MY BAD

  1. lucy says:

    omgomg my name my real name!! haha!

    Yesssss IMY too!

    Now though we both online but too busy to talk ):

    And last year sounds so long ago! Nvmnvm, my house CNY 3rd day!!

    And 6th feb?? Haha!


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