could have seen him):

today was awesome!

met lucy, like finally. we even talked to mdm yue for like 15 mintues? haha. lucy and i were like… aimless today! ahaha. after getting the tix from yue we headed to airport. and we went to all the terminals there! HAHAHA.

finally get to eat popeyes! and i managed to finish up my work today! yay! just need to edit properly and… YAY! ahhaa. then, at night watched TPCO’s concert and fabian played solo! roch on! \m/ i am starting to like watching band/CO/choir concert. idk why. haha.

after the performance walked home with lucy, jw and chole(lucy’s friend). the night was filled with lame dirty jokes! i swear we were like drunkards at the roadside.

right now i’m watching final destination 3! first time i watched it and it’s so gruesome! hahha, but so cool!


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