awww! the one on the extreme left looks like JIN WOON!

i am surprised at how much sleep i had this week. i don’t like it. cos i dislike sleeping in the afternoon. i am suffering from head knocking headache, after 3 hours of sleep in bright day light. SHIRO! ):

music bank in half an hours time! 2PM & 2AM on stage together and BEAST and ZE:A, and i hope U-KISS too! suddenly i remember firdaus just now said that Kpop craze has already died down. but i say, it hasn’t! i will stay true! haha. and i am not a fangirl.

if people know me well enough, they should know that i don’t usually mean what i say. i can say that i don’t care in a minute and do the opposite the next. as much as i don’t want to care, i still do. because i don’t believe that running away solves everything.

i’ve made up my mind. i’m not gonna wait for you. if it’s fate, it’ll happen one day. for now, i think the feelings i have for you is gone. good luck and have fun. till we meet again in 5 years time? possibly or maybe not.

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