yoo geun! super cute! APPPPPPPPA~ hahahah

i told myself NOT TO SWITCH ON THE LAPTOP. i thought i had discipline. but i underestimated the temptation of internet. haha. i will get out of the house tmr.

iffah wants to study at airport’s BK tmr. but, i am doubting that place! I AM DOUBTING MYSELF! i’m scared i won’t do my work. seriously, i don’t have any mood for it. i bet everyone doesn’t. but no! i must try. CONFIDENCE! WHERE ARE YOU!?

kong just msged me if i can drop by her house and spare an hour of my time to be there tmr. i feel soo guilty! the way she put it, my heart melt! i’m really sorry! i really want to go. but i can’t! urghh. I WANNA GO! but i can’t ditch iffah AND my studies. really sorry kong ):

i’ve got to be the stupidest person on earth! i’m such a weakling and i don’t stay true to my words. i hate this stupid ‘feeling’. it’s just so stupid and it annoys me. i hate it! it’s so freaking STUPID! it’s a fucking nuisance. it’s brought nothing but pain. why must it come back. why must it be visible? why am i so fucking bothered by it?! i hate all these. i never want to step in it ever again.


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