the best gift ever ^^ from a’ez. should i continue working at PCF BB? SHOULD I?!!

it’s funny how people are not there when you need them. but when you feel so sick of them, they’re there. that’s why, i never believe in true friends. even i myself am not a true friend.

i really feel so much better after talking to bernice what have been purely in my mind and heart. i wanna talk to her again. but she’s not online. and my friends, they’re having exam. so i really don’t want to disturb them.

oh god, i feel so lonely right now. i need to rant something. something about YOU!

YOU. why do you always make it seem like it’s my fault? the past months, i tired too you know. you tried, yes, you didn’t give up, yes. but, YOU, you freaking went missing for idk how long. you just disappeared. you don’t expect me to wait for something that’s impossible. now that you’ve reappeared, you’re making me the ‘bad’ person. you’re like getting angry for no reason. and, it’s hurting me okay! i want to be there for you, but do you think it’s easy? look what we’re doing now. look at what YOU are doing now. are we  doing anything to make things better? no, we’re not. it sucks having to miss you so much but i can’t do anything about it. it sucks. and aren’t you expecting too much from me? i’ve never done this before, never! ZERO! i realy don’t know what to do. i don’t know if i should feel angry or sad about this. but i hope, you’ll realise soon that as much as you need me, i need you too.

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