when i feel so lonely, i feel like hurting people. haha. not physically of course. haha. i really cannot wait till my friends’ exams are over! then i can start planning on our outing(s)! YAY! and KMG! swimming when? hortpark when? & kylie ah treat us to pepper lunch! HHHAAH.

dammit, there’s e7 class gathering. DAMMMMMMMMMIT. i am super lazy to even book one pathetic pit! HAH! and besides, i am not even going for the gathering, why must i organise the damn thing? hhaha, i helped e7 organise CNY to yue’s house, because they kept asking me but only 3 people could make it.

but, it’s so fake. why must we have a class gathering? why don’t we just meet our normal usual cliques? even if there’s a class gathering, wouldn’t everyone be within their own cliques?

p.s: last night i dreamt that i killed a man and was chased, but the man wasn’t dead.

p.p.s: the ulcer’s not going away and my lips are swollen!


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