this pic makes him look younger!

i swear it’s chaotic now – 2PM’s recent conference. everywhere i read, there’s bound to have at least an article about them. haha. i know right, scary! haha.

you know how things don’t go the way it’s being planned? of course you know. sometimes something or someone who you need or want, can never be yours. sucks, i know. idkw but i’m super confused now.

after last night’s dream. i finally feel it. i felt it. i touched it. of all dreams i had about it, last night was the only one that left an impact on me. obviously it affected me so much that i’m even writing about it. ah, forget it!

now that it’s the holidays, i wish that school starts faster. if only i can get hold of some dramas, i can watch them all day/night long! that way i won’t be bored and stop tweeting/posting.


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