abs, no abs, i still like young saengie oppa!

i am looking forward to May 1st! 501 day! ahaha. and this is what Jung Min said,

Look forward to YoungSaeng hyung’s image in the next album. We started exercising. We will be able to strip off in the next album.

awesome much? happy ah sia. i don’t like the stripping part cos, i generally don’t like guys showing off their abs. in response to that, CHANGSUN(joon)! STOP SHOWING OFF YOUR ABS! ahhaha! but, i’m still looking forward to their new album!

anyway, i’m at my grandmother’s house. and i wanna spend the night here, because my parents are acting really childish lately. they’re arguing non-stop and the reason being, US(my sister & i). wth? haha. what did i do to cause them to fight?! aigooo.

abeh, mak aku kalau marah, benda tak melayang tak sah!


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