i swear i saw the fake one ytd! ^^

we(khuz, iffah and i) were supposed to go over to zahr’s house for karaoke, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to change our plan. we decided to head to the beach! and ytd was a perfect day for a picnic/swim cos the weather was excellent!

i am lazy to type so, i’ll quote from zahr’s blog.

As I mentioned earlier on, I had an awesome Wednesday with the loved ones again. We headed down to the beach and had an awesome time in the waves. It was really a relaxing day, and getting to act as small kids again was just priceless. One thing, I treasure the most about today was being able to see each and everyone of them smile and laughing as though we were the only one on earth. It is pretty amazing to realise that the littlest things such as seeing my friends and family happy, are the one thing that made me happy and feel like a superwoman. A superwoman in disguise that is, haha.

the highlight of ytd was the aftermath of swimming in the sea. just awesome. i’m all ready to take down the holidays with many plans lined up for the rest of March. as for April… nothing. yet. haha.

and i swear we couldn’t stop laughing, even till the very last second of our day together. from this day onwards, i won’t ever go out aimlessly, without a plan, ever again, like i always did.


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