this stupid email made me excited for nothing!!!!!

[You may start to pay for Vacation Module_CIB_1POM]

Dear Student,

You may pay for the above activity at our Kiosk machine from 2010-03-23 to 2010-04-09.

It is IMPORTANT that you read the following before payment.

Please bring along your ATM card or Cashcard and proceed to one of the Kiosk machines located at the Library or SSC (Student Services Centre).

Follow the 6 simple steps to complete your activity application and payment:

STEP 1 Log in using your NPAL id and password.
STEP 2 You will see a list of activities under the heading of “ENRICHMENT PROGRAMMES, DIPLOMA PLUS, OVERSEAS TRIPS, ADMINISTRATION, SUMMER SCHOOL or Innovation and Enterprise”.
STEP 3 Click on the Activity which you want to pay for.
STEP 4 The amount payable will be shown. Check to ensure that the amount is correct.
STEP 5 Proceed to pay by clicking the “Proceed with Payment” button. You will be prompted to insert your ATM card or Cashcard.
STEP 6 Wait for the receipt generated from the machine. (If no receipt is generated, please approach the Library counter staff or Finance counter staff at SSC (Student Services Centre)).

For payment enquiries, you may contact your department officer in charge AMINAH BEE BTE MOHAMED IBRAHIM or Finance staff at 6******* or approach our Finance counter staff at SSC (Student Services Centre).

If you have made payment, please ignore this email.

Finance Office
Ngee Ann Polytechnic

i was about to sleep when i thought that email was saying that i got into the DIP, making me excited! ): i was so damn freaking wrong. tsk. and i was excited for nothing.

anyhoo, today was an extremely fun day. this is what we should all do during holidays. will blog more tmr. till then, nights (:

i wanna spend my holidays with him too.

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