SHINee in Singapore @ SEA

what a day. i totally do not regret spending 25 bucks to see SHINee. we got super good seats with super good view. but jonghyun was upset, no? i don’t really care about him. haha. i have three things to say.

  1. Singaporeans a freaking rude.
  2. Kylie, Alida and I have good fate with that guy. (HAHAHA!)
  3. Minho was and still is awesome.

i’m not gonna post everything that happened almost 12 hours ago. so, tell you what, go to Kylie’s blog, here and read that whole chunk. hahaha! i don’t know how she can come up with a super long post!

and everything really happen for a reason. after today, i’ve realised something. something that i really want to achieve in life. at least once. i’ve always wanted to accomplish it, but i didn’t have the guts. now, after today, i will. haha, the desire’s burning man.

alright, one day down. tmr’ll be another day. for those who don’t know where the bbq pit for tmr is, it’s at:

Pasir Ris Park,

Area 1,

Pit 17 (near escape)

don’t ask me where it is anymore.


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