my fav picture! haha

and so… ytd we met ADIYANAH!


i had to meet zahr and khuz in the morning to bake cupcakes for adi. i couldn’t wake up in the morning and my fatigue from thur’s ‘hike’ have yet to wear off. (excuses. HAHAH.) and above all, i dislike baking. pshhhh!

so khuz and zahr did the baking. i must thank them and i apologise too uh. but they kept shouting at me in the kitchen! i got totally turned off. haha! what’s more i had my pms. so yah, i basically had not much enthusiasm in me.

but when i saw adi, i felt so happy yet awkward. after awhile all of us couldn’t stop laughing and talking. and we talked till 11pm! it was a truly awesomely greatly good catch up with her.

only after ytd, i’ve finally fully understood adiyanah. and i’ve realised how much zahariah and i have been through together. awww…

i’m mad happy that you’re back. reassurance is sure a bliss. ^^

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