Happy 24th birthday Lee Hyuk Jae! WOOHOOOO!

FINALLY! i’m done with business planning. so, i’ve decided to stay at home today, instead of ‘supporting’ Kylie at work or accompanying zahr to some parade. cos, the weather is just so great!

i need to say something. in this unfair world that we are all living, there are several ways of which we can follow to survive the brutal pain. out of the many ways, i’m gonna tap on two things, positive feelings and the act of listening.

everyone in the world deserves happiness. pure true happiness. not the forced, fake kind of happiness. the only way to obtain happiness is to have positive feelings. am i right? throw away all the unhealthy or hateful feelings. yes, it’s hard. but when you successfully dismiss negative thoughts, you’ll come to realise that you had no concrete reasons to hate a person. feelings, emotions are what make humans weak. if you can’t control them, then, you’re a goner.

next, is listening. everyone and anyone can listen, even my K2s can listen. however, it takes a little more effort to listen and understand. try understanding why others react the manner they did. like what chan said, think of the background story. avoid self-pity and blaming others cos it’ll only lead to listening to no one but yourself and being egocentric.

yes, that msg was for someone. i hope that someone reads it. and yes, i’m a coward cos i can’t say it straight to your face. i just don’t dare, cos i know you’ll just walk away like you did a few years back.

right now, i am enlightened. thank you, so very much. i am happy and relieved that i’m finally on the right path. there’s still such a long way to go, and the journey won’t be smooth. i’ll just have to prepare myself and be stronger.


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