the day he waved at me! HHAHAHA! ^^

PERSONAL TASTE is awesome! at least better than Oh! My Lady. currently i’m watching, 5 Kdramas. i have yet to complete gossip girl. and i have a whole list of movies to watch. woohooo!

but there’s not much time left! ): can school not start? actually, i don’t mind the fact that school’s starting this monday. i’m kinda having a neutral feeling. haha.

now i’m having that tmr-is-the-first-day-of-school kinda feeling. that scared-for-nothing feeling. damn! i hate this feeling.

i’m not hurt, neither am i sad about what happened ytd. but i’m just mad. my feelings for you were dying. and i was moving on. but couldn’t you make things less obvious. you moron. you knew how to play with words but when it comes to this, you just blurt it all out. it makes me mad that i had to waste my time on you. but then again, i’m sorry too, because i still continued knowing that my feelings for you weren’t real.

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