am terribly lazy to blog about what happened just now, but i wanna remember this day, so, i’m gonna quote from Kylie’s blog. hahaha.

When we dispersed… Aiya, to cut it short, Abs took 151 wanting to go home while Alida, Nad & I ended following her up the bus! Hahaha. We ended up going to Tampines Giant to eat lunch, then IKEA for ice-cream (Y) Soft serve ice-cream there is the best!~~ I suddenly miss going IKEA with the girls…….

We then made our way to White Sands (hello Pasir Ris!) and walked about? Abs got her stuff, and then Abs went home while the three of us went to Tampines Macs to chill. Bought cinnamon melts which tasted like Auntie Anne’s cinnamon and sugar pretzel! ❤ Double choc frappe <3<3

first day of school to me was NOTHING. like, really nothing. tmr’s the real thing. it’s the only long day we have! haha. and i’m gonna buy teens/teenage (idk which one it is) mag tmr! i want that 2PM poster! need to finish up my collection of posters.

‘Without you’ is a really nice song. i super like the lyrics. i would like to dedicate this song to you. may we lead a happy life without seeing each other ever again.

oh yah, i got caught in the freaking strong rain just now. it was raining bulls and cows! i like! thanks to my water proof bag, i was able to walk in the rain without thinking of getting my laptop wet! i hope i get to walk in the rain again!

and please eh, don’t make me angry. not when i’m having pms.


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