super nice guitarrr!

the past two days have been pretty much fun and tiring! this week, there isn’t a single day we get to go home early expect for… today(which is supposed to be our attachment day)! i can’t wait for thursday’s pizza hut and not looking forward to this friday. haha.

attachment only starts next week and it’s like 9am to 7pm. almost a full day attachment. at least it’s much nearer to my house now than my previous centre.

i hate pms. i really do. I HATE PMS! it’s just a stupid feeling that makes me feel really troubled, for nothing! pms is not just a mood swing. it makes you suffer and isolates you from joy. some girls experience it and others don’t(howlucky!).

and i don’t know why we get crams and backaches when we’re shedding blood. haha, it’s time to do research on menstrual effects. gosh, guys are so lucky to not have periods. but i guess they do have their own ‘problems’. hahha!

and, if i’ve hurt anyone, i’m sorry ): i am being very selfish. i’ll try to get a grip of myself.


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