super cute cousin! zahin!

im getting a new phone! though i told my dad i rather have him buying me a guitar than a new phone. but then, i have no choice but to get a new phone. why?

because, my dad cracked his E63’s company phone. and he has to get it fixed by the end of the month. so, he went to the shop and the shop told him that the repair will cost him 180 bucks. he thought, instead of wasting 180 bucks just to fix the company’s phone, he’d use my E63 and replace it with the company’s one.

and that’ll leave me phoneless. obviously i need one. and i’ve found a really cheap and nice phone! with sidekick qwerty pad, plus wifi! totally my dream phone. ahahha. and it’s just 48 bucks! but i’m sad ): i have to give up my E63. yes, i don’t like that phone, but i love the applications! and the fact that there isn’t a single scratch on it, even if it’s already a year.

at least i get to keep my supercalifragilistically cool number! haha


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