i’ve found a way to not feel tired anymore! i don’t usually sleep in buses and in the afternoon. but this time, really cannot. i feel tired and sleepy almost everyday. so the remedy – NAPPPPPP!

i’ve been napping in the afternoon and bus rides to and from school. i love naps. naps naps naps! i never thought naps are so nice. haha. no wonder many people take naps in the afternoon.

ytd, in the bus, a dude slept on my shoulder! i totally didn’t know because i was sleeping! then next thing i knew when i woke up, the dude’s head beside me was on my shoulder! EMBARRASSING SHIT! I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

i just pretended i didn’t know and continued to sleep, or at least, tried to. then, thank god, the bus jerked, i moved forward and his head sort of slipped from my shoulder. haha! funny! i wanted to laugh but i remembered that i was pretending to sleep, so i couldn’t laugh.

but the guy’s kinda cute! HAHHAHA. but he slept on my shoulder! ): only my future boyf have the privilege to sleep on my shoulder! ):


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