U-KISS! i swear they’re the most smiley korean artises that came to singapore. no joke. they’re very professional. and alexander’s so funny (like me)! i waved at him gazillion times but he didn’t wave back ): but never mind. ahhaha! still very cute!

they weren’t not friendly, but i think there’s language barrier. but i think language barrier can totally be overcome. and doo joon totally laughed at si xu and i! ^^ hyun seung could have smiled bigger? ahah, but no matter, he’s still my bias! (:

another crazy week! best part of the week has got to be the U-KISS fanmeet and showcase, plus B2ST’s fansign. but the waiting time is really no joke, the heat and the screamings, they’re far worse than what you imagine. i am so not going for any showcase or fansign anymore. but if there’s sitting arrangement then it’s fine. but i have absolutely zero regrets of buying the tix to see U-KISS and B2ST!

All the best to U-KISS and B2ST for their future plans!

and now, i’m sick. lack of sleep + fatigue + rain = sick. i don’t mind being sick. but please, i really hate to have sore throat! i can’t talk when i have sore throat, and i can’t sing while playing guitar! cos it’ll hurt. bad tonsils ): and our supposedly ‘holidays’ ended. and math lesson plan must be implemented this wednesday! and i haven’t seen my kids for two whole weeks! i’m missing them till i dream about them. and i even dreamt of my sparkle tots BB kids ):

p.s: i am still pissed  at the fact that we don’t have a freaking break!

p.p.s: i miss zahariah like shit ): “We are glued to each other in the heart, haha”. awwww ):

p.p.s: there’s super a lot of ‘and’s in this post.

p.p.p.s: i want a pen pal from Korea, UK and US!


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