JINWOON! he better eat the sweet i gave him! hahaha


I SAW 2AM YESTERDAY! they look and sound exactly the same real life and on tv! memorable day! though i was blocked by a freaking tall guy -.- but thank god Jinwoon was at the side. and i had a super clear view of him on stage.

and taqinah even said i had a special time with Jinwoon during the fansign! prove: HERE! HAHAHA! i swear i had a super long time to look at him! i am very happy and satisfied (:

but between UKISS, BEAST & 2AM, i have to say, UKISS one was the best. idkw, but it just is. if SS501 were to disband, UKISS will be my number 1! but i’m really hoping that won’t happen. LOVE AND TRUST!

p.s: i still have yet to tell my parents that i lost my cards.


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