korean world cup spirit is really awesome! when i watched the documentary, i was truly moved!

birthday shout outs:

14th July: HAPPY 19TH CLARICE!

15th July: HAPPY 18TH LEOW ZIHUI! my friend for 4 years 7 months, 14 days, see you on the 24th!

16th July: HAPPY 18TH ALIDA GOH(OME)! hope you really keep that cute sweet letter made by me!

birthdays, birthdays, birthdays, i am so not looking forward to mine. Julys will always be damn stressful. damn damn stressful for poly ppl. cos it’s like the peak month. i don’t like it. i am really tired of school. i just wanna sleep a whole day and not do anything.

my brain’s fried.  everybody’s brain is fried. all of us are shagged. we’re all damn fucking stressed. ECH is a humanities course. ironically, humanities lecturers are rather inhumane. life sucks. but we all have no choice but to carry on with this life…

idk what to do now. really. what should i do? i wanna talk to you ):

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