with one day left to fast. this ramadhan have taught me a lot. Alhamdulilah, syukran ya Allah.

have you ever liked someone and ended up hurting yourself? and no matter how much you wanna tell, you can’t. and even if he or she can never be yours, you’ll still be happy just by standing from afar.

funny how the mind and heart works. some say follow your heart. but without thinking through, you’re just walking blindly. but if you think too much, you’ll end up taking things to heart.

feeling all philosophical right now. haha. all this is because, i like him. and i am happy how things are going. liking someone doesn’t mean having to be with that someone. in my opinion it just means carefully taking care of his heart, making sure no other humans break it apart. because, he is very special to me. even if i can’t have him in my whole entire life. it wouldn’t matter. as long as no one breaks his heart.

this is my first time confessing here. i wouldn’t dare to confess, cos i have no confidence. it’s better if we stay this way. i like it better this way. he is someone who never leaves my mind. i’ve tried many ways of  kicking him out, but i’m tired of fighting my own feelings. it feels better accepting it.

i am truly happy and blessed. thank you Allah. i believe in you and that everything always happen for a reason.


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