JOONIE Babo! heh ^^

i don’t know how i feel and i don’t know who i like. but one thing i know for sure, CONFUSED i am. shall not ponder about it yet. cos, the affairs of the heart is more complicated than it seems. and i want to wait for a sign from God. cos Allah s.w.t is the only one who knows what’s best for me.

sometimes we just feel lonely and yearn for love. but during those times,we need to remind ourselves  that we’re never alone and that God has prepared someone special for us. and don’t you think marriage truly is a beautiful thing. within a marriage, two families are brought together. the wife will be ‘halal’ for the husband, and therefore, embracing each other wouldn’t be ‘haram’.

p.s: today’s open house was fun! thanks for coming over zahr, iffah, farhan, syaza, mel, lucy and fab! ^^

p.p.s: i want a religious husband! i will pray to god from now on! so that i’ll get a religious husband who can lead my family. heh.


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