holidays have been great so far. and with hari raya ending, now it’s time to do some fun things before school starts, in exactly 20 days time!

don’t you guys wonder how the future is going to be like? like where we’ll head to after graduation? who we’ll meet in the future? whether or not your sec/jc/poly friends will grow old with you? what you’ll name your children? where you’ll be working? and most importantly, how it’d be like, when all our siblings are all grown up and our parents getting old? and yeah, when we’ll die?

future. throughout the holidays i just can’t stop thinking about the future. i’m excited yet scared. anything can happen. and i used to dwell in the past so much.

the only time i appreciate the present is when i spend time with the loved ones. (plus when i see my bias-es! HAHAH)


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