DAY 05

Day 05 – A time you thought about ending your own life.

I have never thought of seriously ending my own life! Oh my god, never! At the most I’d thought of getting myself injured and being hospitalised, either that or, wished that I had the ability to be invisible. When I was in primary school, I was a really good kid, the quiet kid who never caused troubles – well of course, till now, I still am! – but there were times when I forgot to bring certain stuff, like English PETS workbook. At that point of time I really wished I could be invisible and not get scolded for not bringing the book. But, silly me! I’m the teacher’s pet! Even when I didn’t bring my stuff, I never get scolded, but I still cried, cos I felt guilty for not bringing them. Haha, thinking back, it was kinda cute. How innocent can children (I) be?!

I am updating for the sake of it and yah, praising myself in the post too. Haha. I’m just way too bored and the 30 day blog challenge don’t seem interesting anymore! But since there’s practically nothing to post about, I’ll just stick to this challenge and try to diligently complete the challenge! It is after all a challenge.

On another note, I am very happy today for no odd reason! Actually there is a reason, because after so long, I finally had the chance (: I don’t know the reason behind it yet, but I’m gonna enjoy this happiness for as long as it can last!

How is it that everytime you walk past me, I’ll just smile to myself and my heart jumps for joy! I hope everyday would be like yesterday though, but I shall not hope to much. At the end of the day I might just get hurt again.

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