The only picture that I can get hold of! Atiqah and Mimi! ❤

CAMP11 WAS AWESOME! One of the best camps that I have ever went! Truly awesome! Where else can you find a camp that’s very educational yet extremely fun and interesting? Aqilah’s hard work paid off. I am so proud of her ❤

The camp was so enriching, really. I couldn’t stop tearing towards the end of the camp. I feel so blessed by Allah. I feel so lucky to have chosen this path. Although this is the only the beginning, I already have much bigger plans for the future. Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah. I really really wished that the camp wouldn’t end ):

And I am so lucky to have met the Ibnu Sina sisters. We bonded like true sisters of Islam. Even within that short period of time spent together, we get along really well. No wonder we won The Most Bonded Group! WOOHOO! I love the girls. Can’t wait to see them this Friday! (:

I am already missing the girls, the loft, and most importantly the jemaah prayers. That is truly beautiful.


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