I was so damn sleepy today. It’s like as if the sleep debt from camp is still not paid yet! Actually, yah, I have yet to get a proper 6 hours of sleep. I slept in the shuttle bus to school, during Suraya’s lecture, Pat’s tutorial and in 154 on the way home! Even now, I can still sleep soundly. But I’ve yet to bathe.

Met Iffah today, just our random dates at our usual kfc. These kinda dates are the best. They may be short but, very satisfying. I’ve been so caught up with school assignments and projects that I’ve not met many of my friends. I haven’t talked to them in a long time too.

To all my friends, sorry if I turn down meet-ups or reply msges/twitter late. Work is just so crazy that I feel like I wanna hide myself. I really don’t know if I am giving my best for the work I’ve done. But what is done, is done. I shall refrain from regretting. The only one that can grant me comfort now is Allah. In Him I confide. Even words can’t express how much I love Allah! Allahu Akbar!

p.s: In exactly a year’s time it’s our turn to graduate! YESS! Final run, final sprint. We can do this!


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