Blabberings, no point reading this post.

It was great meeting the girls again ytd. Not only that, I met new ECH freshies, my very own juniors. I’ve  got a lovely bunch of blur juniors! So ytd, one of the brothers was sharing about how faith can really bond people and how sometimes you feel different when hanging out with various people. I TOTALLY FEEL HIM! Because everyone one in MSS believes in Allah, it’s so easy to talk to them and it’s so much fun to pray together. I still wished I had join MSS earlier. Why Nad, why?!

I was too scared to meet new people, yes, I’m an introvert, still am, but coping with it. I still envy people who speak really well like, Faiza and Aqilah. Great speakers they are. And of course, Daniella’s excellent command in English. Envy, envy, envy! I want to push myself forward and stand in front of a crowd just to talk. I do, I really want. But there’s just something in me that’s holding me back. The only time when I had the chance to do that was during Sec 4, the publicity talk. And how long ago was that?!

No, I don’t have stage fright. I once sang with my classmates together during teachers day on stage. I would love to be on the stage again someday. That is why I wanna be in Hi-5! You get to interact with children and sing songs! Best combination ever, but yes, just a wishful thinking.

I don’t know when I’ll be brave enough to step up and take on the stage alone, but I know one day I will. Just one fine day. (though there is a possibility that it will never ever happen)

p.s: I wanna go teoheng again plus make more covers with Zahr! GIAN MAN!


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