Our very own cute Atok! ❤

Financial Management test tmr. The one and only test we have for this sem. Awesome awesome awesome! I don’t know why I feel like blogging again. It’s like back to the times when I posted every single day! At least blogging, I’m not like spamming anyone’s timeline. No, wait, this post will appear in my tweet though I’ve turned off the auto publish.

I’m gonna turn in early tonight and continue studying tmr morning after sahur. I have to grab every chance I have at sleeping early. I miss the nice feeling of sleeping early! It’s like as we grow older we’re getting lesser and lesser sleep and the eyebags are drooping like no one’s business. But I personally think eyebags are cute little puffs!

So that’s it. Gonna solat and sleep. I can’t wait for the weekends! Nenek and atok’s sleeping over! YAY! My grandparents are the best! ❤ But… my nenek and uncle… :/ Our poor nenek ):


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