I really miss Camp Eleven )’:

Maybe, I’m losing my mind! It’s like here and there and everywhere. A little annoying actually. But oh well, whatever. At least CAPE’s over! Just a week more till the June Term break. That I can hardly wait!

This unsettling, puzzling feeling in my heart is making me so restless. I’m walking to and fro, living room to bedroom, sitting in front of the laptop, lying on my bed, just waiting and waiting. Waiting for something that even I don’t know. Why is it like this? Or maybe I’m being too greedy for wanting more even though what Allah has given me is enough? Haii ):

But Alhamdulilah, I manage to pay back two days of fast (just half and hour more to break fast!). 8 more days to go. To those who have yet to pay back their fast, please do so now! *coughadikcough*


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