Since there’s no Belinda’s lesson later, I was so set on not going for Suraya’s! Until Haziqah reminded me about the presentation for our assignment yesterday. If she hadn’t remind me, I’d probably have skipped ASLEC and then, I would dieee! Haha.

But the irony is, I was the one who did up the ppt slides and just a few seconds before Haziqah reminded me, Kylie asked me which day of orientation I’d like to present! I EVEN ANSWERED HER QUESTION! Obviously my mind has proven faulty.

It was only last week when I can’t recall what day tomorrow is and what kind of yesterdays I had. Idkw I can’t remember certain stuff, but it’s really scaring me! I may need those memory vitamins again! Or another simple alternative; at least a 6 hours sleep. getting 5 hours of sleep during weekdays is already a blessing! Weekends are really precious to me!

I am so sleeping early on Friday night and get a decent 8 hours of sleep!

And, omg. I’ve been racking my brain for another two interventions for outdoor learning that increases children’s environmental awareness that does not involve gardening or recycling, BUT THESE TWO ARE THE ONLY TWO THAT KEEP POPPING IN MY HEAD. Damn you brain. I shall crack more of you!


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