Recently, people have been falling out of love and I wonder why. How’d they get in love in the first place? How’d they know if what they’re feeling is really love? Even so, why’d they moan over a person who doesn’t reciprocate their love? Why do they think that love is all about their other half? There has got to be more to love than just pouring your heart and feelings out to someone of the opposite sex.

The most powerful, everlasting love of all is the love for Allah swt, praise to be with Him. Allah will never break your heart neither will He make you cry. When you learn to love Him, inevitably, you’ll avoid committing sins that are wrong in His eyes. Loving Allah will make you realise how beautiful the world is, how breathtaking the nature around us is, which lead to feeling the greatness of the Creator. Give thanks to Allah. When you love Allah, nothing else matters. All the pain and heartaches you feel, insyaAllah will be bearable.

Next, is to love our Rasulullah saw. To our Rasulullah who has sacrificed so much for us to be in this world, the least we can do is follow his sunnah, follow his manners and follow his ways of dealing things. Never forget him in our prayer, for he had thought about us a thousand years before we ever set foot and breathe the air on Earth.

Love for your parents is also very important. Many people tend to belittle their parents, claiming that their parents don’t love them, don’t care about them, don’t give them freedom. They’ll just complain about how they had to grow under the care of their grandparents. What they don’t realise is the huge sacrifice their parents had done for them. No amount of money can ever be enough to repay all of our parents’ sweat and effort to take care of us. No parent in the world would hate their children. If they did, they would have abused you, deprived you of your basic human needs, abandoned you on the streets or worse, kill you.

Even love for your siblings is equally important. I’ve only come to realise this throughout the later part of growing up. At least now I know I can count on my brother to protect me and my sister can look up to me if she has issues with her life.

But I still don’t blame people who are moaning over their lovers neither will I ridicule them. I admit that I was once like them. Feeling hurt and sad all the time. I did all the stupid things that made me regret right till this moment, this day, this minute, this second! I’ve done embarrassing things. Astaghfirullah! Everyday I pray and hope that when I leave my house I’d not bump into them. Meeting them face to face is really too much for me, not that I have any feelings left for them but because I’d just die of embarrassment!

Anway, bottom line is; Even if your lover don’t reciprocate their love, don’t fret, for Allah will have a better person for you. For all of us.


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