That’s a very sad picture )’: Rebekah Kim, forever an After School member in our hearts ❤

Have been wondering, what kind of a person am I? Even asked Lucy if I am hard to get along with. She can’t possibly answer because we got closer as we sat with each other in all classes and chemistry lab. (Awesome lab partner btw. Haha) I realise, it’s usually my thoughts that keeps me from getting close to someone. So it’s really myself in the end? Or does it apply to all human beings? The latter seems so possible!

But sometimes I can feel that I am trying too hard to not feel awkward that it gets awkward. (I’m not pinpointing anyone). So I tried to let loose, and I realise there won’t be a tiny wee bit of awkwardness! Therefore, the question I ask myself; Am I hard to get along with? I’d like to meet myself to know the answer.

And I used to be one who tells almost everything and anything to everyone and everybody! I even made Iffah totally open up, till she would share everything and anything to us! That’s really a good thing. I can’t imagine her all bottled up and shoving herself in a corner, leaving us worried and clueless about her troubles. There I am talking about Iffah, but here I am keeping everything to myself, afraid of being judged.

Am I becoming like the old Iffah? Definitely not, I’ll still spill my secrets here and there just to ease of the burden. Then, I’ll regret telling because those people will finally come to understand the meaning behind all my blogposts! That’ll be sheer embarrassment.

Following my heart, I’d love to share with everyone everything. It’s just not the right moment. Announcing it might lead up to anger, frustration and disappointment. My views will be jaded and I might not get to make my own decision, due to the pressure from the surroundings. I’d like to make all the decisions for myself and blame all the outcomes on me.


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