(Plus Daniella) 

This week had been pretty much fulfilling! It wasn’t a bad first week of school after the holidays, maybe because we were just going to school for the sake of the attendance and of course the company of the usuals (?!?!?!, haha). They really made school more bearable and definitely much more meaningful!

Not forgetting the random after school catch-ups too. I especially love them! It took truckloads of burden off my shoulders. It was more or less always a ranting session. I just kept ranting about how some bitch can be so bloody annoying! Yes, that bloody bitch. I know I shouldn’t condemn her, but after I cool down, then I’ll be friendly again. Anyway this post isn’t about her.

I am thankful for having friends who are willing to listen to my endless rants and constantly supporting and cheering me on. I am beyond grateful. I love you, all of you, The Girls, PF, Syaza & Farhan, The Usuals and Chloe & Zihui. Thank you for being my friend (:

And all thanks to Allah, our Creator. Alhamdulillah!


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