Ytd was awesome despite the hunger, thirst and weary.

Ytd’s Muhasabah was really inspiring. Everyone in the lt were weeping, wailing. I made promises to HIM and HIS messenger. In the long run, I’ll fulfill everything, insyaAllah. I want to be a better daughter to my parents, a better sister to my brother and sister and of course be a much better muslimah. From now on, let’s follow the footsteps of our Rasulullah saw and also Aisyah ra. But sometimes, I cant help thinking, what have I been doing for the past 18 years of my life )’: May Allah forgive all my past sins…

Please don’t say that. Don’t think so lowly of yourself. You have such a huge heart and I am sincerely touched by everything you said. Just always remember Allah and his messenger, our Rasulullah and the Hereafter. Never forget, HE sees everything and this life is just a test. Clear your mind, clear your heart and yearn for a change. Change for the better. InsyaAllah you’ll feel more calm and settled than ever before. I’ll pray for you.

If God’s servant keeps his mouth shut and does not ask anything from Him, nothing will be given to him. Therefore ask God for what you need so that He will give it to you. Whoever knocks on a door persistently will be allowed in. If you keep on knocking the door of Divine Mercy, sooner or later it will be opened for you.


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