Our last picture (‘: I love you baby, I do ❤

I can’t get over it. I don’t know why this is really affecting me. Everytime I think of the time spent together, I tear. I just can’t bring myself to laugh out loud or enjoy myself whenever I think of her. I know, I know she’ll be back. I never knew I’d take this hardly. I can’t stop thinking of her. Everything I do reminds me of her. I love her so badly. Why’d she have to go for four long years? I know that’s her dream, ever since she was little.

The time spent with her in the past three days were really wonderful. How I wish we had more times like that before she left. We should have one last slumber party over at my house too. Regret. I miss her. I miss her so badly! I know I have to look past this. I really didn’t realise it’d affect me this much.

All that I am able to do know is to pray for her safety and health. I wonder what she’s doing now…


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