This is her favourite )’:

Have not been feeling much happiness, excitement these days. I feel kinda disconnected with the world. And I get really agitated and annoyed and pissed easily. Getting really sensitive and a bit ruthless too. I should also try controlling my anger , since it’s Ramadhan. But I guess it’s just the pms or the bloody hormones or maybe just me.

I can’t help but feel sucky about everything. Everything just suck. Right now, the last thing I need is for people to make me feel miserable. I no longer have the strength to tolerate any nonsense, for now at least. I just feel like shit. Poop, dung, taik.

Why is it always like this? ALWAYS. First, was this, then that, then this again. Okay, fine, I was indulging in self-pity. But it hurts. Not once, not twice, but since I don’t even know when. This is plain stupid, ALL OF THESE. I feel like I am battling with myself.

Right now, I need her the most. My listening ear. I miss her laughter and her smile. I miss her protecting me. I just miss her so much, I wish she could just come back over now )’: Baby I really miss you. I really wish you were beside me right now. I have to get Whatsapp! I have to talk to her! Waiting for 4 years is just too long ):



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