Gonna make this! *fistpunch

Promises are really hard to keep, especially the ones that you promised yourself. It takes a whole lot of discipline to keep your own promise. I have made tons of promises to myself throughout my whole entire life. But I’ve only managed to keep about a handful of them. Actually maybe even less than that.

I have to start keeping my promises. Since it’s the holidays, I should do something useful right? Rather than idling my time at home or outside. It’s time to get out of the comfort zone and do something useful. And I know exactly what to do.

BUT… of course, there’s always a but, I am feeling so anti-social and introvert-ish. I am not so fond of the idea of meeting new people and creating new friendships for now. I know I have to though. Especially for this upcoming Hanoi trip in October.

I can do this! I’ve been surviving real well in environment where I know no one. Positive thoughts, positive outcome!


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