Just like a sister to me ❤

I am oddly wide awake. Even after a long day I still manage to squeeze my brain cells to come up with 3 Art & Craft activities for the Hanoi Trip. Now that A Special Syawal event is over, I’ll have to focus on the Hanoi preparation and the December camp. This holiday would definitely be by far the most rewardful and eventful.

Today, well technically yesterday, was the second part of A Special Syawal. IT WAS AMAZING. I finally had the chance to meet the Darul Ma’wa kids. Very heartening indeed. Given a choice, I just wanna forever embrace them in my arms. If only we had a whole day with them. And InsyaAllah, I will go back there one day.

Ever since then, I knew. Alhamdulilah, I have no regrets. I’m putting all my trust in Allah swt, because HE knows best.


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