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Another truth, I am disappointed. I thought you were right on track, but who knew you strayed even further. What did you mean by saying those words?

Where is the you that I knew two years ago? Who are you? Where is the sweet down to earth guy that I knew? What happened to you? I wish you knew how much I want to pull you back on the right path. This, this whole thing, I know it’s not you.

Everytime we talk, you always give me the same answer. Don’t give me the shit that girls broke your heart that’s why you’re like that, cos I won’t be buying it this time round. I hope you’ll realise that what you’re doing now, is sinful. Please wake up. Please.

And please, don’t pretend that you didn’t see my messages. You’re always avoiding me when I’m trying to clarify things for you, helping you. Please don’t run away again when things get complicated. I am really trying to make this friend thing happen because you wanted to. It takes two people to work it out.


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