I want to be able to do stuff. Meet people who can help me, advice me to reach my goals. I have so many things I wanna accomplish, both for this world and also for the Hereafter. I am excited to experience what the future has for me. There may be stuff that’s impossible to accomplish, but no one will know if that is truly impossible. Only He knows.

There are things that I am really confident in, but others just won’t get it. They don’t understand. People are just too opinionated to actually stop and listen to others. Not everyone experience the same situation. Don’t assume everyone tend to react similarly and feel the same way. It’s different. Just don’t assume.

Anyway I’ve been picking back my music. I’ve been writing songs again. Or at least try to. My songs are always not complete. But I will try to get one done. Finally got the hang of writing a good song after 3 years. Yes, 3 years. I still have the very first song that I attempted to write and it’s very -.-

After figuring out the different techniques and ways of writing a song, I am more confident now! I’ll try my best to complete it this time round. But before I finish up my song, I’m gonna try complete Didi’s song (video above) first! Just to ‘challenge’ myself in a way.


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